Our Bernese Mountain Dogs have been our official Notchland greeters

Our Animals

Meet the Notchland Animals… the ones we feed and the ones we don’t!

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs

We have had several Bernese Mountain Dogs since we arrived at Notchland. All the same breed, yet each one unique and amazing.

We received our first Bernese Mountain Dog in 1993 as a gift from our friends in New York soon after we purchased the Notchland Inn.They all agreed an inn dog would suit us and our location and after lots of research chose a Berner as the most suitable. Four Berners later, it is clear, we agree!

Their friendly, gentle nature makes them very comfortable in this social situation meeting each and every guest that arrives at Notchland. They thrive on the attention they get from many hands and the room they have to romp and play.

Coco, the original puppy, was with us for ten years. Our 2nd female, Abby, arrived in March of 1999 when Coco was about 6 years old. Abby grew to be much taller than Coco. At just a year old (pictured right) Abby was so tall Coco could walk under her belly. The wag of one tale was a welcoming site to our guests, but two greeters was double the pleasure!

Crawford (pictured left) was next to arrive. You should see him today. He is the biggest love of them all so far! Felonie arrived to keep Crawford company. Even though she was smaller, she loved to bark at arriving guests but was really a cuddler. Gypsy (pictured right) joined us in February and is very affectionate. She and Crawford have become fast friends.

If you love Bernese Mountain Dogs as much as we do, you’ll find the Bernese Mountain Dog Home Page to be a great resource.


Other Wandering Visitors…

Our location in the White Mountain National Forest close to several water sources and our extensive gardens makes the Notchland a very desirable stop for wildlife.

Moose and Black Bear seen at Notchland Inn

We have seen moose in the garden and black bears, blue heron have been spotted in our own pond along with an endless variety of birds at the feeders. Hummingbirds feeding at our dining room windows have entertained many a guest in our dining room.

Our first Berner CocoCoco